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Lesson 2

Les jours de la semaine

(The days of the week)

In this lesson, we will learn the days of the week in French.


une semaine a week
un jour  a day
Les jours de la semaine The days of the week
lundi Monday
mardi Tuesday
mercredi Wednesday
jeudi Thursday
vendredi Friday
samedi Saturday
dimanche Sunday

Contrary to English, the names of the days of the week are not capitalized in French.
Each one of them is a noun of masculine gender:

  • un lundi (a Monday)
  • un mardi
  • un mercredi, etc…

Please watch the video below for the pronunciation:

It could sometimes be easier to sing to remember.
So sing along with us to learn the days of week.

Vocabulary to learn

bonjour good morning/hello
Comment ça va? how's it going? (how are you?)
manger to eat
tous all
chez at (someone's place)
encore une fois one more time

Here is a little dialogue related to the days of the week.

Dialogue from the video above:

– Bonjour Lundi ! Good morning Monday!
– Comment ça va Mardi ? How are you Tuesday?
– Très bien, Mercredi. Great, Wednesday.
– Préviens Jeudi et Vendredi, que nous irons tous manger samedi chez Dimanche. Tell Thursday and Friday that we are all going on Saturday to eat at Sunday’s place.


Now let’s make some sentences with all the vocabulary we’ve learned so far (Lesson 1 + Lesson 2).

  • Lundi, je suis à la maison.  (Monday, I am at home.)
  • Mardi, tu es à Paris.  (Tuesday, you are in Paris.)
  • Mercredi, il est chez Julie.   (Wednesday, he is at Julie’s place.)
  • Jeudi, elle est à Londres.   (Thursday, she is in London.)
  • Vendredi, nous sommes ici.   (Friday, we are here.)
  • Samedi, vous êtes là-bas.   (Saturday, you are over there.)
  • Dimanche, nous sommes à la maison.   (Sunday, we are at home.)

Exercice:  based on these examples, try to make 7 sentences on your own.



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