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Lesson 4

In this lesson, we will learn a little dialogue with some basic words and the conjugation of the verbs “s’appeler” and “habiter” in the present tense.

Vocabulaire vocabulary
s’appeler to call oneself / to be named / to be called
habiter to live, to reside
et toi ? and you?
moi me
très bien very good
comment how
en vacances on vacation


Please watch the video of our Lesson 4 below:

Dialogue of the video:

Laura Bonjour ! Comment ça va ? Good morning / Hello! How is it going?
Julie Bien et toi ? Good and you?
Laura Très bien, merci. Comment t’appelles-tu ? Very good, thanks. What’s your name? (note:  literally this is “how are you called?”)
Julie  Je m’appelle Julie et toi ? My name is Julie and you?
Laura Moi, c’est Laura. Me, it’s Laura.
Julie   Où habites-tu ? Where do you live?
Laura J’habite à Paris et toi ? I live in Paris and you?
Julie   J’habite à Marseille. Je suis ici en vacances. I live in Marseille. I am here on vacation.


The verbs “s’appeler” and “habiter” both end with –er, in their infinitive forms, which make them part of the 1st group of verbs. The conjugation of the verbs of the 1st group at the present tense always follows the same endings as you can see below:

habiter to live, to reside
j’habite I live
tu habites you live
il/elle habite he/she lives
nous habitons we live
vous habitez you live
ils/elles habitent they live


Be careful  JE  is written J’ when the conjugate verb starts with a vowel or a silent H. It makes the pronunciation smoother and easier.

The verb “habiter” is usually followed by a place/somewhere etc. It means to live/to reside. You cannot use “habiter” to translate “to live a healthy lifestyle” for example.  The verb “habiter” is only used when you are talking in the context of residency as in “He lives in the red house.” or (more unusually) “A ghost is living inside me.”

s’appeler litteraly means: to be called / to be named
but it is usually translated as:
to be (+ one’s name)
one’s name is…

However, when s’appeler is conjugated in plural like “nous nous appelons” for example, it could mean “we call each other.” The context will let you guess the meaning.


  • je m’appelle Franck => I am Franck / my name is Franck
  • nous nous appelons Franck et Annie => we are named Franck and Annie / our names are Franck and Annie
  • nous nous appelons tous les jours => we call each other every day
  • ils s’appellent souvent => they often call each other
je m’appelle
tu t’appelles
il/elle s’appell
nous nous appelons
vous vous appelez
ils/elles s’appellent 




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