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Lesson 7

In this lesson, we are going to learn some new vocabulary, different ways to ask questions with “COMMENT” (how) and how to answer these questions.

You will find below some new vocabulary for this lesson. We will get in more details in a future lesson about adjectives in French.
An adjective is a word describing the noun it is attached to. In French, the adjective follow the noun’s gender and number.

masculin(masculine) féminin(feminine)
grand grande big, tall, large
petit petite small, short, little
beau belle beautiful, good looking, handsome
bon bonne good, right


Please watch the video of this lesson:


Asking a question with “COMMENT”

  • The easiest way to make a question with “COMMENT” is as follow. This is also a casual and informal way to ask a question.
Subject Verb COMMENT ?
Example: Il est comment ?
He is how ?


Other examples:

  1. La maison est comment ? (How is the house?)
  2. L’appartement est comment ? (How is the apartment?)
  3. Julia est comment ? (How is Julia?)
  4. Le gâteau est comment ? (How is the cake?)

The answer to this question follow the same pattern as the question:

Answers: Il est grand .
He is tall .
Il est beau .
He is handsome .


  • The second way is a little more formal and is very similar to English with the inversion of the subject and the verb.
Example: COMMENT est  -il ?
How is he ?

Other examples:

  1. Comment est l’appartement ?
  2. Comment est la maison ?
  3. Comment est la tarte ?
  4. Comment est-elle ?



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