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Lesson 8 – “ne…….pas”

In this lesson, we are going to learn the negation in French.

Negative sentences in French are a little more complicated than in English. We will learn all the different types of negation later on, but today we will focus on the most common one “ne….pas” which is in general the translation of “not.”

The conjugated verb will come in the middle of  “ne …… pas” as you can see in the examples below.

Je suis Pierre.  =>   Je ne suis pas Pierre
(I am Pierre.       =>   I am not Pierre.)

Je ne parle pas anglais => I do not speak English
Elles ne parlent pas français => They do not speak French.

As we have seen before, in order to facilitate the pronunciation, when the verb starts with a vowel or a silent « h », we will need to make a contraction.

Je (ne ) nai pas faim => I am not hungry.
Nous n’habitons pas en France => We do not live in France.

This lesson’s vocabulary:

ne ….. pas not
non no
anglais English
avoir faim to be hungry
habiter to live (somewhere)
chinois Chinese
le matin the morning
manger to eat
américain / américaine*  American

*américain  => masculine gender
*américaine => feminine gender

Please watch this lesson’s video for the pronunciation:

Like in English, it is common to use informal contractions when speaking casually or writing to friends. In French, for those situations, we will get rid of the first part of the negation « ne…pas »

Je suis pas Pierre => I’m not Pierre.
Il est pas chinois => He isn’t Chinese.
Elles parlent pas français  => they don’t speak French
J’ai pas faim => I’m not hungry
Nous habitons pas en France = We don’t live in France




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