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Lesson 9 – 2nd group verbs (conjugation in the present tense)

Leçon n°9 – Les verbes du 2e groupe (conjugaison au présent de l’indicatif)


We have learned how to conjugate the verbs of the 1st group (ending with –er), now it is time to learn how to conjugate the verbs of the 2nd group (ending with -ir).

All the verbs of the second group end with –ir, such as:




to finish


to choose


to grow, to increase, to get taller


to applaud, to clap


to think, to reflect


to gather, to join

(Be carefull, some verbs ending with –ir do not belong to the 2nd group, but to the 3rd group. Their conjugation is quite different and a little more difficult, we will learn that later on. For the moment, let’s focus on the 2nd group.)

The conjugation of the 2nd group in the present tense is quite easy. As you can see below, the ending is always (-is, -is, -it, -issons, -issez, -issent):

to finish
je finis I finish
tu finis you finish
il finit

elle finit

he finishes

she finishes

nous finissons we finish
vous finissez you finish
ils finissent

elles finissent

they finish
applaudir to applaud
j’applaudis I applaud
tu applaudis you applaud
il applaudit

elle applaudit

he applauds

she applauds

nous applaudissons we applaud
vous applaudissez you applaud
ils applaudissent

elles applaudissent

they applaud

Please watch this lesson’s video for the pronunciation:

Please find below some new vocabulary:

une fois

one time

par an

per year

une fois par an

once a year



une famille

a family

notre famille

our family


fast, quick

à la fin

at the end


too much

Here are the examples seen in the video:

Nous réunissons notre famille une fois par an. We gather our family once a year.
Je finis toujours de manger avant ma soeur. I always finish eating before my sister.
Sophie grandit vite. Sophie grows fast.
A la fin du show, les enfants applaudissent. At the end of the show, the children applaud.
Je choisis cet appartement. I choose this apartment
Vous réfléchissez trop. You think too much.