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TEST your French

Please find below all the quizzes from our French lessons.

If you are starting to use our website, you could do the quizzes to test your knowledge and find out which lesson you should start at. The lesson plans are gradual.

For all the other Lingo Masters, doing these quizzes from time to time could be a nice way to go over your lessons in order to not forget what you have learned.


Please click on the links below to access the lessons and the tests:

LESSON N°1 – The verb “être”

Conjugation of the verb “être” (to be)
Sentences with the verb “être” 

LESSON N°2 – The days of the week

The days of the week
Sentences from the dialogue

LESSON N°– The months & the dates

The months of the year
The dates 

LESSON N°4 – Dialogue & conjugation verbs (1st group present tense)

Conjugation of the verbs “habiter” and “s’appeler”

LESSON N°5 – The definite and indefinite articles in French

Find the right articles.

LESSON N°6 – The verb “avoir” (to have) in the present tense

Conjugation of the verb “avoir” & sentences

LESSON N°7 – Questions with “COMMENT” & answers

Find the right answers to the questions

Lesson 8: negation “ne…….pas”

Lesson 8 – test

Lesson 9: conjugation of the 2nd group verbs

Lesson 9 – test

Lesson 10: conjugation of the verb “ALLER” (to go) – 3rd group verbs (part 1)

Lesson 10 – test

Lesson 11: conjugation of the verb “TENIR” – 3rd group verbs (part 2)
Lesson 11 – test